• An end-to-end secure key management protocol for e-health applications 

    Abdmeziem, Mohammed Riyadh; Tandjaoui, Djamel
    In : (Elsevier, 2015)
    Key distribution is required to secure e-health applications in the context of Internet of Things (IoT). However, resources constraints in IoT make these applications unable to run existing key management protocols. In this paper, we propose a new lightweight key management protocol. This protocol is based on collaboration ...
  • Architecting the Internet of Things: State of the Art 

    Abdmeziem, Mohammed Riyadh; Tandjaoui, Djamel; Romdhani, Imed
    In : (Springer International Publishing, 2016)
    Internet of things (IoT) constitutes one of the most important technological development in the last decade. It has the potential to deeply affect our life style. However, its success relies greatly on a well-defined architecture that will provide scalable, dynamic, and secure basement to its deployment. In fact, several ...