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  • Ad hoc networks routing protocols and mobility 

    Djenouri, Djamel; Derhab, Abdelouahid; Badache, Nadjib
    In : International Arab Journal of Information Technology, (2006-04)
    An ad hoc network is a temporary infrastructureless network, formed dynamically by mobile devices without turning to any existing centralized administration. To send packets to remote nodes, a node uses other intermediate nodes as relays, and ask them to forward its packets. For this purpose, a distributed routing ...
  • ELS: Energy-Aware Some-for-Some Location Service for Ad Hoc Mobile Networks 

    Derhab, Abdelouahid; Badache, Nadjib; Tari, Karim; Sami, Sihem
    In : Ad-hoc, Mobile and Wireless Networks : 7th International Conference, ADHOC-NOW 2008 Sophia-Antipolis, France, September 10-12, 2008 Proceedings, (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, 2006)
    In this paper, we propose a new location service for Ad hoc mobile networks. The network area is divided into non-overlapping zones. Using a hash function, a node identifier is mapped to a set of zones, in which the location information of the node are stored. We also propose a location information distribution scheme ...

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