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  • Watermarking of compressed video based on DCT coefficients and watermark preprocessing 

    Bouchama, Samira; Hamami, Latifa; Aliane, Hassina
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2010-12)
    Considering the importance of watermarking of compressed video, several watermarking methods have been proposed for authentication, copyrights protection or simply for a secure data carrying through the Internet. Applied to the H.264/AVC video standard, in most of cases, these methods are based on the use of the quantized ...
  • Watermarking of H.264 Coded Video Based on the Shifted-Histogram Technique 

    Bouchama, Samira; Hamami, Latifa; Qadri, Muhammad Tahir; Ghanbari, Mohammed
    In : International Journal of Latest Trends in Computing (IJLTC), (2010-12)
    Reversible video watermarking through shifted histogram of the quantized coefficients of the H.264/AVC coded video is introduced. In CIF sequences, the embedded data of a capacity of more than 2500 bits in I frame is possible and can exceed 7000 bits if we also exploit about 10 P frames in the GOP for the embedding. While ...

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