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  • A Clustering application for the Web Usage Mining. 

    Kouici, Salima; Khelladi, Abdelkader
    In : Universal Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, (Pushpa Publishing House, 2013-07)
    The web usage mining constitutes a new branch of the web mining. It allows the study of the behavior of both users and potential customers via their site navigation. The mainly used source for the web usage mining is the servers log files. A log file contains an important mass of data, including user’s information ...
  • A distributed mutual exclusion algorithm over multi-routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks 

    Derhab, Abdelouahid; Badache, Nadjib
    In : International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems, (Taylor et Francis, 2008-04-15)
    In this paper, we propose a new architecture to solve the problem of mutual exclusion in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). The architecture is composed of two layers: (i) a middleware layer that contains a token-based distributed mutual exclusion algorithm (DMEA) and (ii) a network layer that includes two routing forwarding ...
  • A fault tolerant services discovery by self organisation: a MAS approach. 

    Mellah, Hakima; Hassas, Salima; Drias, Habiba
    In : International journal of Business Information Systems, (Inderscience, 2013)
    The service discovery has become an emerging phenomena in software engineering and process engineering as well. The paper presents a multi agent system (MAS) approach, for service discovery process, based on a self-organising protocol. This feature is very crucial for assuring a correct service delivery, to avoid ...
  • A formal model for output multimodal HCI 

    Mohand Oussaïd, Linda; Ait Sadoune, Idir; Ait Ameur, Yamine; Ahmed-Nacer, Mohamed
    In : (Springer Vienna, 2015-07)
    Multimodal human–computer interaction (HCI) combine modalities at an abstract specification level in order to get information from the user (input multimodality) and to return information to the user (output multimodality). These multimodal interfaces use two mechanisms: first, the fusion of information transmitted by ...
  • A framework for space-efficient read clustering in metagenomic samples 

    Alanko, Jarno; Cunial, Fabio; Belazzougui, Djamal; Mäkinen, Veli
    In : (BioMed Central, 2017-03-14)
    Background: A metagenomic sample is a set of DNA fragments, randomly extracted from multiple cells in an environment, belonging to distinct, often unknown species. Unsupervised metagenomic clustering aims at partitioning a metagenomic sample into sets that approximate taxonomic units, without using reference genomes. ...
  • A Framework for Space-Efficient String Kernels 

    Belazzougui, Djamal; Cunial, Fabio
    In : (Springer, 2017-02-17)
    String kernels are typically used to compare genome-scale sequences whose length makes alignment impractical, yet their computation is based on data structures that are either space-inefficient, or incur large slowdowns. We show that a number of exact kernels on pairs of strings of total length n, like the k-mer kernel, ...
  • A Semantic vector space and features-based approach for automatic information filtering 

    Nouali, Omar; Blache, Philippe
    In : Expert Systems with Applications, (Elsevier, 2004)
    With advances in communication technology, the amount of electronic information available to the users will become increasingly important. Users are facing increasing difficulties in searching and extracting relevant and useful information. Obviously, there is a strong demand for building automatic tools that capture, ...
  • Ad hoc networks routing protocols and mobility 

    Djenouri, Djamel; Derhab, Abdelouahid; Badache, Nadjib
    In : International Arab Journal of Information Technology, (2006-04)
    An ad hoc network is a temporary infrastructureless network, formed dynamically by mobile devices without turning to any existing centralized administration. To send packets to remote nodes, a node uses other intermediate nodes as relays, and ask them to forward its packets. For this purpose, a distributed routing ...
  • Adaptive Fault Tolerant Checkpointing Algorithm for Cluster Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 

    Mansouri, Houssem; Badache, Nadjib; Aliouat, Makhlouf; Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan
    In : (Elsevier, 2015)
    Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is a type of wireless network consisting of a set of self-configured mobile hosts that can communicate with each other using wireless links without the assistance of any fixed infrastructure. This has made possible to create a distributed mobile computing application and has also brought ...
  • Algerian Scientific Abstracts : un système d'information pour la valorisation de la recherche scientifique algérienne 

    Bakelli, Yahia
    In : Documentaliste-Sciences de l'Information, (Association française des documentalistes et des bibliothécaires spécialisés, Paris, FRANCE, 1997)
    Les publications scientifiques et techniques sont indispensables à la valorisation des résultats de la recherche. La concrétisation du transfert d'information qu'elles assurent suppose l'existence d'un dispositif d'accès et d'exploitation : un système d'information signalant ces publications de façon systématique, ...
  • An adaptive hierarchical master-worker (AHMW) framework for grids - Application to B&B algorithms 

    Bendjoudi, Ahcène; Melab, Nouredine; Talbi, El-Ghazali
    In : Journal of Parallel Distributed Computing (JPDC), (Elsevier, 2012)
    Well-suited to embarrassingly parallel applications, the master–worker (MW) paradigm has largely and successfully used in parallel distributed computing. Nevertheless, such a paradigm is very limited in scalability in large computational grids. A natural way to improve the scalability is to add a layer of masters between ...
  • An end-to-end secure key management protocol for e-health applications 

    Abdmeziem, Mohammed Riyadh; Tandjaoui, Djamel
    In : (Elsevier, 2015)
    Key distribution is required to secure e-health applications in the context of Internet of Things (IoT). However, resources constraints in IoT make these applications unable to run existing key management protocols. In this paper, we propose a new lightweight key management protocol. This protocol is based on collaboration ...
  • Automatic Classification and Filtering of Electronic Information: Knowledge-Based Filtering Approach 

    Nouali, Omar; Blache, Philippe
    In : The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT), (Zarqa Private University, Jordan, 2004)
    In this paper we propose an artificial intelligent approach focusing on information filtering problem. First, we give an overview of the information filtering process and a survey of different models of textual information filtering. Second, we present our E-mail filtering tool. It consists of an expert system in charge ...
  • Balancing the tradeoffs between scalability and availability in mobile ad hoc networks with a flat hashing-based location service 

    Derhab, Abdelouahid; Badache, Nadjib
    In : Ad Hoc Networks, (2008-06)
    In this paper, we propose FSLS (Flat-based Some-for-some Location Service), a new location service for ad hoc mobile networks. The location service is based on the hash-based sets system that can offer a high location information availability. The network area is divided into non-overlapping zones. A node identifier is ...
  • Bidirectional Variable-Order de Bruijn Graphs 

    Belazzougui, Djamal; Gagie, Travis; Mäkinen, Veli; Previtali, Marco; Puglisi, Simon J.
    In : (World Scientific Publishing, 2018-12)
    Compressed suffix trees and bidirectional FM-indexes can store a set of strings and support queries that let us explore the set of substrings they contain, adding and deleting characters on both the left and right, but they can use much more space than a de Bruijn graph for the strings. Bowe et al.’s BWT-based de Bruijn ...
  • BOD-LEACH: broadcasting over duty-cycled radio using LEACH clustering for delay/power efficient dissimilation in wireless sensor networks 

    Khiati, Mustapha; Djenouri, Djamel
    Broadcasting delay-sensitive information over a duty-cycled wireless sensor network is considered, and a cluster-based protocol is proposed. The proposed protocol, namely Broadcast over Duty-Cycle and LEACH (BOD-LEACH), takes advantage of the LEACH’s energy-efficient clustering. This approach shifts the total burden ...
  • Building Digital Collections in the Algerian Context: Assets and Prospects 

    Bakelli, Yahia
    In : International Information and Library Review, (Karen I. MacDonald, 2002-06)
    When we analyze the access behavior of Algerian users of information and documentation, we see a certain number of dysfunctions leading to a situation of imbalance between user demand on the one hand and library and document center access on the other. The delivery mechanisms of the information suppliers are slow ...
  • CCS_WHMS: A Congestion Control Scheme for Wearable Health Management System 

    Kafi, Mohamed Amine; Ben Othman, Jalel; Bagaa, Miloud; Badache, Nadjib
    In : (Springer US, 2015-12)
    Wearable computing is becoming a more and more attracting field in the last years thanks to the miniaturisation of electronic devices. Wearable healthcare monitoring systems (WHMS) as an important client of wearable computing technology has gained a lot. Indeed, the wearable sensors and their surrounding healthcare ...
  • CCS_WHMS: A Congestion Control Scheme for Wearable Health Management System 

    Kafi, Mohamed Amine; Ben Othman, Jalel; Bagaa, Miloud; Badache, Nadjib
    In : (Springer Link, 2015-10-21)
    Wearable computing is becoming a more and more attracting field in the last years thanks to the miniaturisation of electronic devices. Wearable healthcare monitoring systems (WHMS) as an important client of wearable computing technology has gained a lot. Indeed, the wearable sensors and their surrounding healthcare ...
  • CHM: an annotation-and component-based hypervideo model for the Web 

    Sadallah, Madjid; Aubert, Olivier; Prié, Yannick
    In : Multimedia Tools and Applications;Special Issue: Multimedia on the Web, (Springer Verlag, 2012-07-21)
    Hypervideos are hypermedia documents that focus on video content. While they have long been deployed using specialized software or even hardware, the Web now offers a ground for them to fit into standardized languages and implementations. However, hypervideo design also currently uses very specific models limited to a ...

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