• A causal multicast protocol for dynamic groups in cellular networks 

    Benzaid, Chafika; Badache, Nadjib
    In : EATIS08 : Proceedings of the 2008 Euro American Conference on Telematics and Information Systems, (ACM, Aracaju, Brazil, 2008-09-10)
    Group communication is an abstraction which deals with multicasting a message from a source process to a group of processes. In Group Communication Systems (GCS), causal message ordering is an essential tool to ensure interaction among group members in a consistent way. In this paper, we propose a simple and optimal ...
  • A clustering technique to analyse anonymous users. 

    Benmeziane, Souad; Badache, Nadjib
    In : 2014 International Conference on Communications Systems and Technologies - Network Security and Privacy, (CPS, Tunisie, 2014-08-09)
    Concerns about privacy and anonymity have gained more and more attention in conjunction with the rapid growth of the Internet as a means of communication and information dissemination. A number of anonymous communication systems have been developed to protect the identity of communication participants. Nevertheless, it ...
  • A Communication model of distributed information sources bacteria colonies inspired 

    Mellah, Hakima; Hassas, Salima; Drias, Habiba
    In : INES '06 : 10th International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems, 26-28 June 20062006. Proceedings, (IEEE, London, 2006)
    The implementation of communication organizational strategies constitutes an essential performance factor. Nowadays, the organization becomes companies competitiveness element (organizational structures), networks, knowledge and competences management, and cooperation. This, to be better reactive to ensure the competing ...
  • A Concise Forwarding Information Base for Scalable and Fast Name Lookups 

    Yu, Ye; Belazzougui, Djamal; Qian, Chen; Zhang, Qin
    In : (IEEE, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2017-11-30)
    Forwarding information base (FIB) scalability and its lookup speed are fundamental problems of numerous net- work technologies that uses location-independent network names. In this paper we present a new network algorithm, Othello Hashing, and its application of a FIB design called Concise, which uses very little ...
  • A flexible distance for the spatial placement in a multimedia document 

    Maredj, Azze-Eddine; Tonkin, Nourredine; Sadallah, Madjid; Alimazighi, Zaia
    In : The third international conference on iInformation and Communication Technologies: From Theory to Applications (ICTTA 2008), (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE ), Damas - Syrie, 2008-04-07)
    In the multimedia documents authoring systems the management of spatial and temporal inter-objects relations is the most delicate task. Spatial relations management refers to the appropriate means to express relations between the document objects and guarantee their consistency. Usually it is represented by spatial ...
  • A framework for Object Classification in Fareld Videos 

    Setitra, Insaf; Larabi, Slimane
    In : Wicon 2014, (Springer, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014-12)
    Object classification in videos is an important step in many applications such as abnormal event detection in video surveillance, traf- fic analysis is urban scenes and behavior control in crowded locations. In this work, propose a framework for moving object classification in farfield videos. Much works have been ...
  • A Framework for Usage-based Document Reengineering 

    Sadallah, Madjid; Encelle, Benoît; Maredj, Azze-Eddine; Prié, Yannick
    In : 13th ACM symposium on Document engineering DocEng 2013, (ACM New York, NY, USA, Florence, Italy, 2013-09)
    This ongoing work investigates usage-based document reengineering as a means to support authors in modifying their documents. Document usages (i.e. usage feedbacks) cover readers' explicit annotations and their reading traces. We first describe a conceptual framework with various levels of assistance for document ...
  • A generic formal model for fission of modalities in output multi-modal interactive systems 

    Mohand Oussaïd, Linda; Ait Ameur, Yamine; Ahmed-Nacer, Mohamed
    In : International Workshop on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems, (Rabat, Maroc, 2009)
    Output multi-modal human-machine interfaces combine semantically output medias and modalities in order to increase interaction machine capabilities. The aim of this paper is to present a formal model supporting formal specifications of output multi-modal interactive systems. As a consequence, the expected usability ...
  • A new graph coloring and Fibonacci number 

    Harik, Hakim; Belbachir, Hacène
    In : Rencontre d'Analyse Mathématique et ses Applications, (Tipaza, Algérie, 2012-11-26)
    In this paper, we introduce a new notion of a graph coloring. This notion will be used to prouve some identities involving Fibonacci number.
  • A New Low Cost Sessions-Based Misbehaviour Detection Protocol (SMDP) for MANE 

    Djenouri, Djamel; Fahad, Tarek; Askwith, Robert; Merabti, Madjid
    In : 21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops (AINAW), (IEEE Computer Society, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, 2007-05)
    There is a strong motivation for a node to deny packet forwarding to others and being selfish in MANET. Recently, some solutions have been proposed, but almost all of these solutions rely on the watchdog technique, which suffers from many drawbacks, particularly when using the power control technique. To overcome this ...
  • A Novel Approach for Selfish Nodes Detection in MANETs: Proposal and Petri Nets Based Modeling 

    Djenouri, Djamel; Badache, Nadjib
    In : 8th IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications, ConTEL, (IEEE, Zagreb, Croatia, 2005-06)
    The resource limitation of nodes used in selforganized ad hoc networks, along with the multi-hop nature of these networks, may cause a new behavioral phenomena which does not exist in traditional infrastructured environments. To save its energy, a node may behave sel shly, then it would not forward packets for other ...
  • A Novel transport protocol for wireless mesh networks 

    Kafi, Mohamed Amine; Tandjaoui, Djamel
    In : International Conference on Information Technology and e-Services, (Journal of Networking Technology, Sousse, Tunisia, 2011-04-10)
    Throughput is the main concern in Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs). The standard congestion control mechanism of TCP[7] is not able to handle the special properties of a shared wireless multi-hop channel well. Given that the unreliable wireless links and congestion are likely to be the source of throughput degradation in ...
  • A Parallel P2P Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Computational Grids 

    Bendjoudi, Ahcène; Melab, Nouredine; Talbi, El-Ghazali
    In : International Confernce on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGRID), (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil, 2007-05-14)
    Solving exactly Combinatorial Optimization Problems (COPs) using a Branch-and-Bound algorithm requires a huge amount of computational resources. The efficiency of such algorithm can be improved by distributing at large scale the computation required by the exploration of the search tree. In this paper, we propose ParallelBB, ...
  • A policy-based context-aware approach for the commitment of mobile transactions 

    Nouali-Taboudjemat, Nadia; Drias, Habiba
    In : NOTERE '08 Proceedings of the 8th international conference on New technologies in distributed systems, (ACM, Lyon, France, 2008)
    The transaction paradigm ensures consistency in the presence of concurrent accesses to shared data and in the presence of failures. Traditionally, the transaction semantics is defined by the ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) which implementation is through such mechanisms as commitment ...
  • A review on Privacy and Anonymity in electronic communications 

    Benmeziane, Souad; Badache, Nadjib
    In : (Conference Procedings, Merida Spain, 2006-10-25)
    Current Internet networking protocols provide no support to ensure the privacy of communication endpoints. An adversary can determine which addresses have asked for which services. Anonymity is now increasingly important for networked applications. This paper overviews the concept of anonymity in electronic communications, ...
  • A simple approach to distinguish between Maghrebi and Persian calligraphy in old manuscripts 

    Setitra, Insaf; Meziane, Abdelkrim
    In : 11th IAPR International workshop on Document Analysis System, (IAPR, Tours France, 2014-04-07)
    Manual annotation of images is usually a mandatory task in many applications where no knowledge about the image is available. In presence of huge number of images, this task becomes very tedious and prone to human errors. In this paper, we contribute in automatic annotation of Arabic old manuscripts by discovering ...
  • A spatial model for editing multimedia documents 

    Maredj, Azze-Eddine; Tonkin, Nourredine; Sadallah, Madjid
    In : Colloque Africain sur la recherche en informatique et mathématiques appliquées (CARI'10), (Yamoussoukro - Cote d’ivoire, 2010-10-18)
    Dans le domaine de l’édition et de documents multimédia, la gestion du placement spatial des objets constitue un des points le plus délicats dans la conception de documents. Il s'agit de pouvoir exprimer les relations spatiales entre les objets et de garantir leur cohérence. Cette gestion est représentée par un modèle ...
  • A study of Wireless Sensor Network Architectures and Projects for Traffic Light Monitoring 

    Kafi, Mohamed Amine; Challal, Yacine; Djenouri, Djamel; Bouabdallah, Abdelmadjid; Badache, Nadjib
    In : The 3rd International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT'12), (Elsevier, Niagara Fallas, Ontario, Canada, 2012-08-27)
    Vehicular traffic is increasing around the world, especially in urban areas. This increase results in a huge traffic congestion, which has dramatic consequences on economy, human health, and environment. Traditional methods used for traffic management, surveillance and control become inefficient in terms of performance, ...
  • A Study of Wireless Sensor Networks for Urban Traffic Monitoring: Applications and Architectures 

    Kafi, Mohamed Amine; Challal, Yacine; Djenouri, Djamel; Doudou, Messaoud; Bouabdallah, Abdelmadjid; Badache, Nadjib
    In : The 4 th International Conference on Ambient Sy stems, Networks and Technologies (ANT 2013), (Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA, 2013-06-26)
    With the constant increasing of vehicular traffic around the world, especially in urban areas, existing traffic management solutions become inefficient. This can be clearly seen in our life through persistent traffic jam and rising number of accidents. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) based intelligent transportation systems ...
  • A Study on the Energy Consumption Minimisation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 

    Djenouri, Djamel; Badache, Nadjib
    In : International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT'03), (Alexandria, Egypt, 2003-12)
    The emergence of lightweight wireless mobile devices, like laptops, PDAs, and sensors makes mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) an exciting and important research area in recent years. The MANET community have been concentrating on some problems related to the network layer, especially on the routing protocols. ...