Soumissions récentes

  • New Technique to Deal With Verbose Queries in Social Book Search 

    Chaa, Messaoud; Nouali, Omar; Bellot, Patrice
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017)
    Verbose query reduction and query term weighting are automatic techniques to deal with verbose queries.
  • New GPU-based Swarm Intelligence Approach For Reducing Big Association Rules Space 

    Djenouri, Youcef; Bendjoudi, Ahcène; Djenouri, Djamel; Belhadi, Asma; Nouali-Taboudjemat, Nadia
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-06-14)
    This paper deals with exploration and mining of association rules in big data, with the big challenge of increasing computation time. We propose a new approach based on meta-rules discovery that gives to the user the summary of the rules’ space through a meta-rules representation. This allows the user to decide about ...
  • Proposition d'un nouveau modèle de recherche sociale 

    Bessai Mechmache, Fatma Zohra; Hammouche, Karima; Alimazighi, Zaia
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-04-20)
    Dans ce rapport nous proposons un nouveau modèle de recherche d’information sociale. Ce modèle enrichit la structure du réseau en introduisant l’utilisateur comme une entité du réseau social. L’importance d’une entité dépendra de la structure du réseau et de la proximité sémantique entre les différentes entités composant ...
  • Les Manuscrits Arabes Anciens En Ligne : Pratiques et Recommandations 

    Habbak, Noureddine; Meziane, Abdelkrim
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-04-10)
    Les technologies de l’information ont révolutionné la bibliothèque classique. Aujourd’hui, de nombreuses bibliothèques passent au monde numérique. L’accès aux documents qui ont tendance à se détériorer rapidement et qui sont très demandés tels que les manuscrits arabes anciens, devient de plus en plus simple, ce qui ...
  • Fast and smart object proposals for object detection 

    Amrane, Abdesalam; Meziane, Abdelkrim; Boulekrinat, Houda; Atik, Ali
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-05-11)
    Object localization plays an important role in object detection and classification. In the last years, several methods have shifted from sliding windows techniques to object proposals techniques. The latter produces a small set of windows submitted to an object classifier to reduce the computational time. In this paper, ...
  • Binarization of Document Images with Various Object Sizes 

    Hadjadj, Zineb; Meziane, Abdelkrim
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-02-01)
    There are a lot of document image binarization techniques that try to differentiate between foreground and background but many of them fail to correctly detect all the text pixels because of degradations. In this paper, a new binarization method for document images is presented. The proposed method is based on the most ...
  • Ontological Interaction Modeling and Semantic Rule-Based Reasoning for User Interface Adaptation 

    Lebib, Fatma-Zohra; Mellah, Hakima; Mohand Oussaid, Linda
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2016)
    Disabled users conducting their interactive tasks on their devices address challenges such as user interface adaptation. The paper provides a valuable knowledge for supporting adaptive user interfaces. In this work an interactive application development, in handicrafts’ domain is considered, with the aim to build ontology ...
  • Selection of Information Sources using a Genetic Algorithm 

    Lebib, Fatma Zohra; Drias, Habiba; Mellah, Hakima
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-01-02)
    We address the problem of information sources selection in a context of a large number of distributed sources. We formulate the sources selection problem as a combinatorial optimization problem in order to yield the best set of relevant information sources for a given query. We define a solution as a combination of ...
  • Toward an Approach to Improve Business Process Models Reuse Based on Linkedin Social Network 

    Khider, Hadjer; Benna, Amel; Meziane, Abdelkrim; Hammoudi, Slimane
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-01-10)
    Business process (BP) modeling is an important stage in BPM lifecycle. However, modeling BP from scratch is fallible task, complex, time-consuming and error prone task. One of the promising solutions to these issues is the reuse of BP models. BP reusability during the BP modeling stage can be very useful since it reduces ...
  • A tracking approach for text line segmentation in handwritten documents 

    Setitra, Insaf; Hadjadj, Zineb; Meziane, Abdelkrim
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-02-24)
    Tracking of objects in videos consists of giving a label to the same object moving in different frames. This labeling is performed by predicting position of the object given its set of features observed in previous frames. In this work, we apply the same rationale by considering each connected component in the manuscript ...
  • Survey and comparative study of Business process models repositories 

    Khider, Hadjer; Benna, Amel
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2016-12-21)
    A Business Process (BP) modeling is a complicated task, time-consuming, and error prone task. One of the promising solutions to overcome these challenges is by the reuse of BP models, consequently, it is important to provide a BP models repository to store thousands of BP models for business actors (e.g. analysts, modelers, ...
  • Installation et configuration d’une solution de détection d’intrusions sans fil (Kismet) 

    Lounis, Karim; Babakhouya, Abdelaziz; Nouali-Taboudjemat, Nadia
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2011-06)
    Les réseaux sans fil (Wi-Fi, norme 802.11) offrent plusieurs avantages ; notamment en terme de mobilité, coût, débit et facilité de déploiement. Cependant, ils sont par nature plus sensibles aux problèmes de sécurité. Les mécanismes de sécurité (WEP, WPA, WPA2) ne permettent pas de se prévenir contre tous les problèmes ...
  • Locating Emergency Responders using Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks 

    Benkhelifa, Imane; Nouali-Taboudjemat, Nadia
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2012-07)
    L'intervention d'urgence dans la gestion des catastrophes en utilisant les réseaux de capteurs sans fils est devenue récemment un intérêt de nombreux chercheurs du monde entier. Cet intérêt provient du nombre croissant de catastrophes et de crises (naturelles ou humaines) qui touchent des millions de vies ainsi que ...
  • Infrastructure de communication sans fil avec qualité de service pour la gestion de crises et catastrophes 

    Kabou, Abdelbasset; Nouali-Taboudjemat, Nadia; Nouali, Omar
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2016-11)
    La Qualité de service (Quality of Service ou QoS) est un terme largement utilisé dans le domaine des technologies de communication. Dans les recommandations E.800, le CCITT (United Nations Consultative Committee for International Telephony and Telegraphy) défini la qualité de service comme : “Ensemble des effets portant ...
  • GPU-based Bio-inspired Model for Solving Association Rules Mining Problem 

    Djenouri, Youcef; Bendjoudi, Ahcène; Djenouri, Djamel; Commuzi, Marco
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2017-03-06)
    problem with the purpose of extracting the correlations between items in sizeable data instances. According to the state of the art, the bio-inspired approaches proved their usefulness by finding high number of satisfied rules in a reasonable time when dealing with medium size instances. These approaches are unsuitable ...
  • A Novel Approach to Preserving Privacy in Social Network Data Publishing 

    Bensimessaoud, Sihem; Benmeziane, Souad; Badache, Nadjib; Djellalbia, Amina
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2016-10-24)
    Today, more and more social network data are published for data analysis. Although this analysis is important, these publications may be targeted by re-identification attacks i.e., where an attacker tries to recover the identities of some nodes that were removed during the anonymization process. Among these attacks, we ...
  • Anonymous Authentication Scheme in e-Health Cloud environment 

    Djellalbia, Amina; Benmeziane, Souad; Badache, Nadjib; Bensimessaoud, Sihem
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2016-10-20)
    The adoption of an e-Health Cloud has different advantages especially allowing sharing and exchanging information between medical institutions, availability of information, reducing costs, etc. However, preserving identity privacy is a significant challenge of security in all environments, and constitutes particularly a ...
  • رقمنة المكتبات بين حتمية الواقع بين و تحديات المستقبل: حالة مركز البحث في الإعلام العلمي و التقني 

    Mebtouche, Nawel
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2016-10)
    إن دور المكتبات و مراكز المعلومات هو عملية التزويد, التخزين و إتاحة المعلومات بأشكالها المختلفة. و حتى تبقى أوعية المعلومات متاحة لا بد من حفظها. و لعل الحل الأمثل لذلك: الرقمنة. إن عملية الرقمنة مهمة جدا للمكتبات في وقتنا الحاضر، حيث تسهل عمليات كثيرة تقوم بها المكتبات في مجال حفظ الوثائق بشكل عام، و المخطوطات، والكتب ...
  • Cartographie nationale de la production scientifique en matière de thèse : surveiller la matière grise algérienne 

    Mebtouche, Nawel
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2016-10)
    Analyser l’activité de recherche fondée sur les thèses de magistère et doctorat réalisés dans les établissements académiques nationaux constitue un repérage valorisant de la recherche, une aide pour les chercheurs, ainsi que les responsables du secteur pour la mise en place des politiques et stratégies d’avenir. La ...
  • Impact of Genetic Algorithms Operators on Association Rules Extraction 

    Hamdad, Leila; Ournani, Zakaria; Benatchba, Karima; Bendjoudi, Ahcène
    In : Rapports de recherche internes, (CERIST, Alger, 2016-10-02)
    In this paper, we study the impact of GAs’ components such as encoding, different crossover, mutation and replacement strategies on the number of extracted association rules and their quality. Moreover, we propose a strategy to manage the population. The later is organized in classes where each one encloses same size ...

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