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  • Random input helps searching predecessors 

    Belazzougui, Djamal; Kaporis, Alexis C.; Spirakis, Paul G.
    In : (, Athènes, 2018-06-17)
    A data structure problem consists of the finite sets: D of data, Q of queries, A of query answers, associated with a function f : D ×Q → A. The data structure of file X is “static” (“dynamic”) if we “do not” (“do”) require quick updates as X changes. An important goal is to compactly encode a file X ∈ D, such that ...
  • Fast matching statistics in small space 

    Belazzougui, Djamal; Cunial, Fabio; Denas, Olgert
    In : (Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, L'Aquila, 2018-06-27)
    Computing the matching statistics of a string S with respect to a string T on an alphabet of size sigma is a fundamental primitive for a number of large-scale string analysis applications, including the comparison of entire genomes, for which space is a pressing issue. This paper takes from theory to practice an existing ...
  • Classification automatique des images histologiques du cancer du sein par réseaux de neurones convolutifs (RNC) 

    Setitra, Insaf; Meziane, Abdelkrim; Mayouf, Mouna Sabrine; Hamrioui, Amel
    In : (Publication en ligne, Nancy, France, 2018-08-01)
    Après le cancer de la peau, le cancer du sein est le deuxième type de cancer le plus commun chez la femme à l’échelle mondiale. Ce dernier enregistre un taux de mortalité assez élevé comparé aux autres types de cancer. (Spanhol, Oliveira et al. 2016). Le diagnostic des tumeurs du sein pour différencier les cellules ...
  • A Tracking Approach for Text Line Segmentation in Handwritten Documents 

    Setitra, Insaf
    In : (Springer / LNCS Series Book, Porto Portugal, 2017-02-24)
    Tracking of objects in videos consists of giving a label to the same object moving in different frames. This labelling is performed by predicting position of the object given its set of features observed in previous frames. In this work, we apply the same rationale by considering each connected component in the manuscript ...
  • Collaborative detection and response framework against SQL injection attacks in IoT-based smart 

    Boukhari, Chahira; Derhab, Abdelouahid; Guerroumi, Mohamed
    In : (Springer Publisher whith IEEE, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, 2017-12-11)
    In this paper, we propose a collaborative detection and re- sponse framework against SQL injection attacks in IoT-based smart grids. The framework is composed of a set of host-based detection sys- tems; each of which is deployed at a smart meter, in addition, at the data management server. When an attack at one host ...
  • Toward an Approach to Improve Business Process Models Reuse Based on LinkedIn Social Network 

    Khider, Hadjer
    In : (Springer International Publishing, Porto Santo Island Madeira, Portugal, 2017-04-11)
    Business process (BP) modeling is an important stage in Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle. However, modeling BP from scratch is fallible task, complex, time-consuming and error prone task. One of the promising solutions to these issues is the reuse of BP models. BP reusability during the BP modeling stage ...
  • Toward a new Backpressure-based framework to Enhance Situational Awareness in Disaster Response 

    Kabou, Abdelbaset; Nouali-Taboudjemat, Nadia; Nouali, Omar
    In : (IEEE ICT-DM-2017, International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (ICT-DM), 2017-12-11)
    Crises generate intense need to communication not just as a panic reaction to crisis, but also due the critical need for communication in order to better coordinate during response activities. In the afterward of a disaster, the lack of resources to handle this increase of data, due to the fragility of network inf ...
  • Web services classification for disaster management and risk reduction 

    Laachemi, Abdelouahab; Boughaci, Dalila
    In : (IEEE Xplore, Munster, Germany, 2017-12-11)
    A disaster is a disruption of the society functioning that can interrupt essential services of our live. It has an important impact on human, material, economic and environment. There a several kind of disaster such as: natural, environmental emergencies and contagious disease that affects health and so on. We need ...
  • Revisiting Directed Diffusion In The Era Of IoT-WSNs : Power Control For Adaptation to High Density 

    Khelladi, Lyes
    In : (IEEE Xplore, Larnaca, chypre, 2017-08-28)
    Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been recognized as a crucial and enabling technology in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). However, their integration with IoT arises new design challenges, compared to conventional WSNs applications. This paper addresses the challenge of high node density and its impact on ...
  • ADABCAST: ADAptive BroadCAST Approach for Solar Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks 

    Khiati, Mustapha; Djenouri, Djamel
    In : (IEEE, Newark, NJ, USA, 2017-04)
    The problem of message broadcasting from the base station (BS) to sensor nodes (SNs) in solar energy harvesting wireless sensor networks (EHWSN) is considered in this paper. The aim is to ensure fast and reliable broadcasting without interfering with upstream communications (from SNs to BS), whilst taking into account ...
  • One-Step Clustering Protocol for Periodic Traffic Wireless Sensor Networks 

    Nassima, Merabtine; Djamel, Djenouri; Zegour, Djamel-Eddine; Lamini, Elseddik; Rima, Bellal; Imene, Ghaoui; Nabila, Dahlal
    In : (IEEE, Newark, NJ, USA, 2017-04)
    A new centralized clustering protocol for periodic traffic wireless sensor networks is proposed in this paper. The proposed protocol uses one-step off-line cluster computation algorithm, where all the clustering schemes and their respective durations are calculated by the base station (BS) once at the network initialization. ...
  • A Concise Forwarding Information Base for Scalable and Fast Name Lookups 

    Yu, Ye; Belazzougui, Djamal; Qian, Chen; Zhang, Qin
    In : (IEEE, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2017-11-30)
    Forwarding information base (FIB) scalability and its lookup speed are fundamental problems of numerous net- work technologies that uses location-independent network names. In this paper we present a new network algorithm, Othello Hashing, and its application of a FIB design called Concise, which uses very little ...
  • Fast Label Extraction in the CDAWG 

    Belazzougui, Djamal; Cunial, Fabio
    In : (Springer, Palerme, Italie, 2017-09-06)
    The compact directed acyclic word graph (CDAWG) of a string T of length n takes space proportional just to the number e of right extensions of the maximal repeats of T, and it is thus an appealing index for highly repetitive datasets, like collections of genomes from similar species, in which e grows significantly more ...
  • Flexible Indexing of Repetitive Collections 

    Belazzougui, Djamal; Cunial, Fabio; Gagie, Travis; Prezza, Nicola; Raffinot, Mathieu
    In : (Springer, Turku, Finlande., 2017-06-07)
    Highly repetitive strings are increasingly being amassed by genome sequencing experiments, and by versioned archives of source code and webpages. We describe practical data structures that support count- ing and locating all the exact occurrences of a pattern in a repetitive text, by combining the run-length encoded ...
  • Representing the Suffix Tree with the CDAWG 

    Belazzougui, Djamal; Cunial, Fabio
    In : (Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, Varsovie, 2017-07-04)
    Given a string T, it is known that its suffix tree can be represented using the compact directed acyclic word graph (CDAWG) with e_T arcs, taking overall O(e_T+e_REV(T)) words of space, where REV(T) is the reverse of T, and supporting some key operations in time between O(1) and O(log(log(n))) in the worst case. This ...
  • An Approach to Improve Business Process Models Reuse Using LinkedIn Social Network 

    Khider, Hadjer; benna, Amel; Meziane, Abdelkrim; Hammoudi, Slimane
    In : (Springer International Publishing AG 2017, Editors: Rocha, Á., Correia, A.M., Adeli, H., Reis, L.P., Costanzo, S. (Eds.), Porto Santo Island, Portugal, 2017-04)
    Business process (BP) modeling is an important stage in Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle. However, modeling BP from scratch is fallible task, complex, time-consuming and error prone task. One of the promising solutions to these issues is the reuse of BP models. BP reusability during the BP modeling stage can ...
  • Binarization of document images with various object sizes 

    Hadjadj, Zineb; Meziane, Abdelkrim
    In : (IEEE, Nancy, France, 2017-04)
    There are a lot of document image binarization techniques that try to differentiate between foreground and background but many of them fail to correctly detect all the text pixels because of degradations. In this paper, a new binarization method for document images is presented. The proposed method is based on the most ...
  • Intégration de l’utilisateur dans un modèle de recherche sociale 

    Bessai Mechmache, Fatma Zohra; Hammouche, Karima; Alimazighi, Zaia
    In : (Al Hoceima, Maroc, 2017-05)
    Dans cet article nous proposons un nouveau modèle de recherche d’information sociale basé sur un ordonnancement conjoint des documents, des auteurs et des utilisateurs d’un réseau bibliographique dans un réseau hétérogène. Ce modèle enrichit la structure du réseau en introduisant l’utilisateur comme une entité du réseau ...
  • Les Manuscrits Arabes Anciens En Ligne : Pratiques et Recommandations 

    Habbak, Noureddine; Meziane, Abdelkrim
    In : (Al-Hoceima (Maroc), 2017-05-11)
    Les technologies de l’information ont révolutionné la bibliothèque classique. Aujourd’hui, de nombreuses bibliothèques passent au monde numérique. L’accès aux documents qui ont tendance à se détériorer rapidement et qui sont très demandés tels que les manuscrits arabes anciens devient de plus en plus simple, ce qui assure ...
  • Accelerated Search over Encrypted Cloud Data 

    Boucenna, Fateh; Nouali, Omar; Dabah, Adel; Kechid, Samir
    In : (IEEE, Jeju, Corée du sud, 2017-02-13)
    Companies and other organizations such as hospitals seek more and more to enjoy the benefits of cloud computingin terms of storage space and computing power. However, outsourced data must be encrypted in order to be protected againstpossible attacks. Therefore, traditional information retrieval systems (IRS) are no longer ...

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