Session-Based Misbehaviour Detection Framework for Wireless Ad hoc Network

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Abstract: Data packet dropping misbehaviour is a serious threat in ad hoc networks. The motivation of such behaviour is either to take illegal advantage and preserve resources (selfish) or to intentionally cause harm (malicious) to some victims. Most of the existing solutions to solve such misbehaviour rely on the watchdog technique, which suffers from many drawbacks, particularly when using the power control technique. To overcome this problem with a moderate communication overhead, this paper introduces a new Sessions-based Misbehaviour Detection Framework (SMDF) for detecting misbehaving nodes that drop data packets in stationary wireless ad hoc network. It consists of three components, the detection component in which each node monitors its direct neighbours with respect to forwarding data packets of a traffic session in the network, and the Decision component, in which direct neighbouring nodes decide whether the monitored node misbehaved or not and finally the isolation component where the guilty node will be penalized. Simulations results show that SMDF is scalable and able to detect the misbehaviour with high accuracy at low communication overhead and low energy consumption compared to the existing approaches.
Wireless Ad hoc Network Security, Wireless Sensors Network, Nodes Misbehaviour, Malicious Attacks, Misbehaviour Detection