Automatic Classification and Filtering of Electronic Information: Knowledge-Based Filtering Approach

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Zarqa Private University, Jordan
In this paper we propose an artificial intelligent approach focusing on information filtering problem. First, we give an overview of the information filtering process and a survey of different models of textual information filtering. Second, we present our E-mail filtering tool. It consists of an expert system in charge of driving the filtering process in cooperation with a knowledge-based model. Neural networks are used to model all system knowledge. The system is based on machine learning techniques to continuously learn and improve its knowledge all along its life cycle. This email filtering tool assists the user in managing, selecting, classify and discarding non-desirable messages in a professional or non-professional context. The modular structure makes it portable and easy to adapt to other filtering applications such as web browsing. The performance of the system is discussed.
Information filtering, Expert systems, Machine learning, Neural networks, Relevance feedback, Genetic algorithms