An Authentication Scheme for heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks in the context of Internet of Things

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The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) is changing traditional perceptions of the current Internet towards a vision of smart objects interacting with each other. Wireless Sensor Networks play an important role and support different applications domains in the IoT environment. However, security issues are the major obstacle for their deployment. Among these issues, authentication of the different interconnected entities. In this paper, we are interested to the case of the interconnection of a sensor node with a remote user. We propose a new lightweight authentication scheme adapted to the resource constrained environment. This scheme allows both of the sensor and the remote user to authenticate each other in order to secure the communication. Our scheme uses nonces, exclusiveor operations, and Keyed-Hash message authentication to check the integrity of the different exchanges. Moreover, it provides authentication with less energy consumption, and it terminates with a session key agreement between the sensor node and the remote user. To assess our scheme, we carry out a performance and security analysis. The obtained results show that our scheme saves energy, and provides a resistance against different types of attacks.
Internet of Things; Wireless Sensor Networks; Identity; Authentication; Session key agreement.