Watermarking of Compressed Video based on DCT Coefficients and Watermark Preprocessing

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Considering the importance of watermarking of compressed video, several watermarking methods have been proposed for authentication, copyrights protection or simply for a secure data carrying through the Internet. Applied to the H.264/AVC video standard, in most of cases, these methods are based on the use of the quantized DCT coefficients often experimentally or randomly selected. In this paper, we introduce a watermarking method based on the DCT coefficients using two steps: the first one consists in a watermark pre-processing based on similarity measurement which can allow to adapt the best the watermark to the carrying coefficients of low frequencies. A second step takes advantage from the coefficients of high frequencies in order to maintain the video quality and reduce the bitrate. Results show that it is possible to achieve a very good compromise between video quality, embedding capacity and bitrate.
Video watermarking, H.264/AVC standard, Quantized DCT coefficients, Intercorrelation function