REFIACC: Reliable, efficient, fair and interference-aware congestion control protocol for wireless sensor networks

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The recent wireless sensor network applications are resource greedy in terms of throughput and net- work reliability. However, the wireless shared medium leads to links interferences in addition to wireless losses due to the harsh environment. The effect of these two points translates on differences in links bandwidth capacities, lack of reliability and throughput degradation. In this study, we tackle the prob- lem of throughput maximization by proposing an efficient congestion control-based schedule algorithm, dubbed REFIACC (Reliable, Efficient, Fair and Interference-Aware Congestion Control) protocol. REFIACC prevents the interferences and ensures a high fairness of bandwidth utilization among sensor nodes by scheduling the communications. The congestion and the interference in inter and intra paths hot spots are mitigated through tacking into account the dissimilarity between links’ capacities at the scheduling process. Linear programming is used to reach optimum utilization efficiency of the maximum available bandwidth. REFIACC has been evaluated by simulation and compared with two pertinent works. The re- sults show that the proposed solution outperforms the others in terms of throughput and reception ratio (more than 80%) and can scale for large networks.
Wireless sensor networks, Transport protocols, Congestion control, Fairness, Interference, Link capacity, Retransmission, Reliability