An Approach to Improve Business Process Models Reuse Using LinkedIn Social Network

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Springer International Publishing AG 2017, Editors: Rocha, Á., Correia, A.M., Adeli, H., Reis, L.P., Costanzo, S. (Eds.)
Business process (BP) modeling is an important stage in Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle. However, modeling BP from scratch is fallible task, complex, time-consuming and error prone task. One of the promising solutions to these issues is the reuse of BP models. BP reusability during the BP modeling stage can be very useful since it reduces time and errors modeling, simplify users’ modeling tasks, improve the quality of process models and enhance modeler’s efficiency. The main objective of this paper is to propose a Social BPM approach based on the user social profile to perform the reuse of BP models. We identify the need of exploring user profile to reuse BP models. The LinkedIn social network is used to extract the users’ business interests. These user business interests are then used to recommend the appropriate BP model.
Business process model reuse Professional social network User business profile Business process modeling LinkedIn Recommender system