A causal multicast protocol for dynamic groups in cellular networks

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Group communication is an abstraction which deals with multicasting a message from a source process to a group of processes. In Group Communication Systems (GCS), causal message ordering is an essential tool to ensure interaction among group members in a consistent way. In this paper, we propose a simple and optimal causal multicast protocol which copes with the dynamically changing groups in mobile environments. The protocol presents an optimal communication overhead without causing inhibition effect in the delivery of messages. The group membership management depends on a simple, yet powerful idea. This original idea consists in considering the join and leave requests as data messages, and then will be ordered with other messages. This makes no need to a coordination phase in the installation of a new view. Our protocol requires minimal resources on mobile hosts and wireless links and scales well with large groups.
Causal Message Delivery, Multicast Communication, Dynamic Groups, Cellular Networks