Using MDA approach to enhance Web services description with social information

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Recent research on Web services has demonstrated the need of including the social dimension into different stages of the Web service lifecycle. Also researchers have found that social relationships between Web services can be identified using social network concepts. However, much of these works are focused on how to discover/recommend, secure, build and manage social networks but do not describe how to develop a social Web service and what would be its description. Our goal in this paper is to enhance Web services description with social information using the MDA approach. We first propose a social Web services interaction metamodel to be used as a basis for the development of social Web services application and an association platform. The social Web services interaction metamodel concepts are grouped according to different views. Each of these views is represented by a Metamodel based Meta Object Facility (MOF) package. The social services metamodel is then transformed to social Web services description schema that validates standards Web services description. Finally, a sample application of the social Web services description model and its associated schema has been implemented based on the instantiation of the proposed metamodel.
Social Web services, MDA, MOF, Model transformation