One-Step Clustering Protocol for Periodic Traffic Wireless Sensor Networks

A new centralized clustering protocol for periodic traffic wireless sensor networks is proposed in this paper. The proposed protocol uses one-step off-line cluster computation algorithm, where all the clustering schemes and their respective durations are calculated by the base station (BS) once at the network initialization. This provides the BS a global vision and enables it to reach better clustering schemes with adapted rounds’ durations. It also eliminates costs proportional to periodic online re-clustering, using an energy prediction model. A new weight function is proposed to evaluate the chance of sensor-nodes to become CHs in a round. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed protocol considerably prolong the network lifetime and the packet delivery ratio as compared to the LEACH-C protocol. The enhancement exceeds the double for the network lifetime and is more than ten times for packet delivery ratio.
Sensor Networks, Clustering Protocols, Adaptive Round Time