H-B&B: A Hierarchical B&B for large scale environments

dc.contributor.authorBendjoudi, Ahcène
dc.contributor.authorMelab, Nouredine
dc.contributor.authorTalbi, El-Ghazali
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we propose a parallel B&B (H-B&B) based on the Hierarchical Master/Worker paradigm. It aims at improving the scalability of the traditional M/W-based B&Bs (M/W-B&B) eliminating the bottlenecks created on the central master process. Unlike the state-of-the-art approaches, H-B&B is fully dynamic as it is composed of several levels of masters, and evolves over time according to the dynamic acquisition of new computing nodes and their disconnections. To evaluate our approach we propose three execution scenarios. First, we evaluate the ability of H-B&B to scale-up and deploy a huge number of nodes. Second, we evaluate its efficiency and its ability to avoid bottlenecks. Finally, we evaluate its ability to scale-down and to manage the release of a part or the votality of the nodes.fr_FR
dc.relation.ispartofThe Fourth IEEE International Scalable Computing Challenge IEEE/ACM CCGRID/SCALE’2011
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Fourth IEEE International Scalable Computing Challenge IEEE/ACM CCGRID/SCALE’2011;
dc.relation.placeNewport Beach, USAfr_FR
dc.structureCalcul Pervasif et Mobilefr_FR
dc.subjectMaster–worker; Hierarchical master–worker; Grid computing; Branch and bound; Large scale experimentsfr_FR
dc.titleH-B&B: A Hierarchical B&B for large scale environmentsfr_FR
dc.typeConference paper