Parallel Rules Mining Using GPUs and Bees Behaviors

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This paper addresses the problem of association rules mining with large data sets using bees behaviors. The bees swarm optimization method have been successfully applied on small and medium data size. Nevertheless, when dealing Webdocs benchmark (the largest benchmark on the web), it is bluntly blocked after more than 15 days. Additionally, Graphic processor Units are massively threaded providing highly intensive computing and very usable by the optimization research community. The parallelization of such method on GPU architecture can be deal large data sets as the case of WebDocs in real time. In this paper, the evaluation process of the solutions is parallelized. Experimental results reveal that the suggested method outperforms the sequential version at the order of ×100 in most data sets, furthermore, the WebDocs benchmark is handled with less than ten hours.
Bees Behaviors, Association Rule Mining, Parallel Algorithms, GPU Computing