Component-based hypervideo model: high-level operational specification of hypervideos

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ACM New York, NY, USA
Hypervideo offers enhanced video-centric experiences. Usually defined from a hypermedia perspective, the lack of a dedicated specification hampers hypervideo domain and concepts from being broadly investigated. This article proposes a specialized hypervideo model that addresses hypervideo specificities. Following the principles of component-based modeling and annotation-driven content abstracting, the Component-based Hypervideo Model (CHM) that we propose is a high level representation of hypervideos that intends to provide a general and dedicated hypervideo data model. Considered as a video-centric interactive document, the CHM hypervideo presentation and interaction features are expressed through a high level operational specification. Our annotation-driven approach promotes a clear separation of data from video content and document visualizations. The model serves as a basis for a Web-oriented implementation that provides a declarative syntax and accompanying tools for hypervideo document design in a Web standards-compliant manner.
Hypervideo, Annotation, component-based modeling, Time and Synchronization, Timeline Reference, CHM