An Ontology and a Description Schema Base for Relational Database Integration

dc.contributor.authorSalhi, Nadir
dc.contributor.authorBenna, Amel
dc.contributor.authorAlimazighi, Zaia
dc.contributor.authorAmrouche, Bilal
dc.contributor.authorMakhloufi, Ferhat
dc.description.abstractDistributed Data sources integration is a method aiming to offer access for users to multiple databases through requests on a global schema. The use of an ontology is seamlessly the most promising approach for a possible automation to deal with the semantic heterogeneity, considered as the most important difficulty. In this paper we propose approach uses a domain ontology to solve semantic conflicts considered as a global schema and a description schema base in order to manage the mappings, done manually by the administrator of every relational source, between the global schema and the different databases. Moreover, we describe the algorithms related to relevant sources localization, requests decomposition, inter-sources joint, requests rewriting and recomposition of the results as tuples. Finally, we present a prototype for relational databases integration.fr_FR
dc.relation.ispartofInternational Workshop on Advanced Information Systems for Enterprisesfr_FR
dc.relation.ispartofseriesInternational Workshop on Advanced Information Systems for Enterprises;
dc.relation.placeConstantine, Algeriafr_FR
dc.rights.holderIEEE Copyrightfr_FR
dc.structureIntégration des Systèmes d'Informationfr_FR
dc.subjectDistributed data sources integrationfr_FR
dc.subjectRelational databases integrationfr_FR
dc.titleAn Ontology and a Description Schema Base for Relational Database Integrationfr_FR
dc.typeConference paper