Indexing and querying color sets of images

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Springer Varlag
We aim to study the set of color sets of continuous regions of an image given as a matrix of m rows over n ≥ m columns where each element in the matrix is an integer from [1,σ] named a color . The set of distinct colors in a region is called fingerprint. We aim to compute, index and query the fingerprints of all rectangular regions named rectangles. The set of all such fingerprints is denoted by F. A rectangle is maximal if it is not contained in a greater rectangle with the same fingerprint. The set of all locations of maximal rectangles is denoted by L. We first explain how to determine all the |L| maximal locations with their fingerprints in expected time O(n⋅m^2⋅σ) using a Monte Carlo algorithm (with polynomially small probability of error) or within deterministic O(n⋅m^2⋅σ⋅log⁡(|L|/(n⋅m^2)+2)) time. We then show how to build a data structure which occupies O(n⋅m⋅log ⁡n+|L|) space such that a query which asks for all the maximal locations with a given fingerprint f can be answered in time O(|f|+log⁡ log ⁡n+k), where k is the number of maximal locations with fingerprint f. If the query asks only for the presence of the fingerprint, then the space usage becomes O(n⋅m⋅log ⁡n+|F|) while the query time becomes O(|f|+log ⁡log ⁡n). We eventually consider the special case of squared regions (squares).
Image algorithms, Text algorithms, Fingerprint, Set of characters, Set of colors, Maximal locations