Monitoring "Grid-Cloud" model using Complex Event Processing (CEP)

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Cloud Computing has been widely used by Customers to outsource IT services and business applications managed by a third-party called Cloud Provider in order to reduce their equipment management costs. The academic sector have also taken notice and are investigating how Cloud technology can provide results more quickly and at lower cost in order to deploy grid services to run scientific applications which benefit already from distributed environment like Grid Computing. Indeed, Grid Computing environment supports the large-scale distribution of all resources but it is complex and faces problem of resource’s increasing demands caused by the growing of scientific computing applications which generate problem of its resources management. In this case, taking full advantage of Cloud technologies like enabling the use of Cloud-provided resources and exploiting infrastructure Cloud management system can simplify grid service’s resource deployment and allocation. However, it is necessary to have an adaptable monitoring solution to operate, analyze and adjust Cloud’s resources to the specifications and requirements of grid services including ”Middleware” which allows them to run. For this purpose, the work presented in this paper consists on the proposal of an integration ”Grid-Cloud” model to deploy grid services on Cloud IaaS-resource provided. The main objective of this model is to exploit the flexibility of IaaS Cloud administration system for managing resources used for grid services. And secondly, complete this model by developing a Framework based on new monitoring approach with”Complex Event Processing (CEP)”.
Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Infrastructure as Service (IaaS), Cloud Monitoring, Complex Event Processing (CEP)