On performance evaluation and design of atomic commit protocols for mobile transactions

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The challenges of wireless and mobile computing environments have attracted the attention of researchers to revisit the conventional transaction paradigm. Indeed, this paradigm is an indispensable asset in modern information systems. The atomicity property of a distributed transaction is ensured with the use of an atomic commit protocol (ACP). Due to their great importance for transaction systems, the recent advances in mobile computing development have renewed the interest in the design of ACPs for mobile systems. The work presented in this paper studies the impact of the various and fluctuant parameters of wireless and mobile systems on a set of ACPs for mobile environment. It highlights performance indices which give orientations to the design of an adaptable approach that supports different atomicity notions satisfying a wide range of applications and environment requirements.
Atomic commit protocol, Mobile transaction processing, Wireless and mobile networks, Performance evaluation, Adaptable atomicity, Adaptable ACP