A Communication model of distributed information sources bacteria colonies inspired

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The implementation of communication organizational strategies constitutes an essential performance factor. Nowadays, the organization becomes companies competitiveness element (organizational structures), networks, knowledge and competences management, and cooperation. This, to be better reactive to ensure the competing character, to support better new information technologies, concerning the data exchange inside as outside an organization. The information systems specification gives a partial description of the organization, which integrated with other descriptions is regarded as being the organization model. Using the abstraction level of an information system (information source) was proven to be not sufficient to face the conflicts confronted by the organizations. These conflicts are the improvement and the change with an aim of adapting constantly to the environment new requirements. These latter are essential to support the dynamic character which tends to characterize the current organizations and which is often nature taken. In order to implement this dynamism, we took as a starting point the biological sciences and more particularly the bacteria colonies. This paper presents a correspondence model between a communication system of distributed information sources and a bacteria colony
Distributed information sources, Bacteria colony, Data exchange, Information system specification, Information technology