Data reordering for minimizing threads divergence in GPU-based evaluating association rules

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This last decade, the success of Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) has led researchers to launch a lot of works on solving large complex problems by using these cheap and powerful architecture. Association Rules Mining (ARM) is one of these hard problems requiring a lot of computational resources. Due to the exponential increase of data bases size, existing algorithms for ARM problem become more and more inefficient.Thus, research has been focusing on parallelizing these algorithms. Recently, GPUs are starting to be used to this task. However, their major drawback is the threads divergence problem. To deal with this issue, we propose in this paper an intelligent strategy called transactions-based Reordering ”TR” allowing an efficient evaluation of association rules on GPU by minimizing threads divergence. This strategy is based on data base re-organization. To validate our proposition, theoretical and experimental studies have been carried out using well-known synthetic datasets. The results are very promising in terms of minimizing the number of threads divergence.
Association Rules Mining, GPU Computing, Threads Divergence