LOCALMOR: LOCALized Multi-Objective Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

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This paper proposes a multi-objective quality of service (QoS) routing protocol for wireless sensor networks (WSN). The protocol takes into account the traffic diversity typical for many applications and provides a differentiation in routing using QoS metrics. It ensures several QoS metrics for different traffic categories, and attempts for each packet to fulfill the required metrics in a power-aware and localized way. It employs memory and computation efficient estimators in a distributed manner and uses a multi-sink single-path approach to increase reliability. The main contribution of this paper is data traffic based QoS with regard to all the considered QoS metrics. As far as we know, this protocol is the first that makes use of the diversity in the data traffic while considering latency, reliability, residual energy in the sensor nodes, and transmission power between nodes and casts QoS metrics as a multi-objective problem. The proposed algorithm can operate with any MAC protocol, provided that it employs an ACK mechanism. Simulation results show the proposed protocol outperforms all compared state-of-the-art QoS and localized routing protocols.
Wireless sensor networks, routing, geographic routing, QoS, multi-objective