Cross-Layer Approach to Detect Data Packet Droppers in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

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Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are dynamic infrastructureless networks whose routing protocols are fully based on node cooperation, and where each mobile node relies on other intermediate mobile nodes to send packets towards remote ones. Being anxious about its battery shortage, a node participating in the network and using the forwarding service provided by other nodes might behave selfishly and drop packets originated from others. Such a behavior hugely threatens the QoS (Quality of Service), and particulary the packet forwarding service availability. Another motivation to drop data packets is to launch a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. To do so, a node participates in the routing protocol and includes itself in routes then simply drops data packet it receives to forward. We propose in this paper a novel cross-layer based approach to detect data packet droppers, that we optimize and decrease its overhead. Contrary to all the current detective solutions, ours is applicable regardless of the power control technique employment.
mobile ad hoc networks, security, packet dropping