H.264/AVC Data Hiding Based on Intra Prediction Modes for Real-time Applications

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The existing data hiding methods for the newest video codec H.264/AVC exploit its several modules such as the discrete cosine transform coefficients or the prediction modes. In this paper, a new data hiding approach is presented by exploiting the intra prediction modes for the 4x4 luminance blocks. The objective is to ensure a relatively high embedding capacity and to preserve the encoding and the decoding times in order to satisfy real-time applications. The intra prediction modes are divided into four groups composed of modes of close prediction directions. The data embedding is based on modifying modes of the same group in order to maintain visual quality and limit the number of additional calculation procedures. The increase of embedding capacity relies on the group composed on four modes since it allows the embedding of two bits per mode.
Data hiding, H.264/AVC, intra prediction, real time applications, authentication