An Energy Efficient routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks

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power consumed for routing data-packets in wireless ad hoc networks can be significantly reduced compared with the current min-hop max-power routing protocols. One of promising mechanisms proposed to reduce energy consumption is power control. Doshi & Timothy [7] have presented an implementation of this mechanism, and defined a new minimum energy routing scheme. We think that the aim of an efficient routing protocol is not only to minimize energy consumption to route packets, but also to ensure a long life to all nodes. In order to avoid the network partition as long as possible. In this paper, we define new metrics to resolve the tradeoff between: minimising energy consumption to route packets, on the one hand, and ensuring a long life to all nodes’ batteries, on the other hand. We also define a new technique which allows the distribution of the routing task over nodes then we modify DSR protocol, to improve it and to make a new power-aware and power efficient protocol.
Mobile ad hoc networks, routing protocols, power-management