A simple approach to distinguish between Maghrebi and Persian calligraphy in old manuscripts

dc.contributor.authorSetitra, Insaf
dc.contributor.authorMeziane, Abdelkrim
dc.description.abstractManual annotation of images is usually a mandatory task in many applications where no knowledge about the image is available. In presence of huge number of images, this task becomes very tedious and prone to human errors. In this paper, we contribute in automatic annotation of Arabic old manuscripts by discovering manuscript calligraphy. Arabic manuscripts count a very large number of Persian and Maghrebi writing especially in Noth Africa. Distinguishing between these two calligraphies allow better classifying them and so annotating them. We use background constructing followed by extraction of simple features to classify Arabic manuscript calligraphies using a Quadratic Bayes classifier.fr_FR
dc.relation.ispartof11th IAPR International workshop on Document Analysis Systemfr_FR
dc.relation.placeTours Francefr_FR
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dc.structureSystèmes et Documents Multimédia Structurés (SDMS)fr_FR
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dc.subjectmanuscript hnadwritting calligraphy classification supervised learning;fr_FR
dc.titleA simple approach to distinguish between Maghrebi and Persian calligraphy in old manuscriptsfr_FR
dc.typeConference paper