Semantic web service composition: Multi-level based approach

dc.contributor.authorTemglit, Nacéra
dc.contributor.authorAhmed-Nacer, Mohamed
dc.description.abstractWeb service composition has quickly become a key area of research in the services oriented architecture community. It is originated from the necessity to combine existing services to achieve a predetermined goal that cannot be realized by a standalone service. Semantic service description is supposed to be the key element for dynamic composition of Web services, since it enables rich machine understandable descriptions of their capabilities and parameters [7]. This paper introduces a framework for performing dynamic service composition based on three level of semantic description and organization of web services. Thus, we present three main phases to generate composite service from high-level declarative Query. Two level granularities of composition plan are gradually generated (abstract and concrete) using our approach. This will reuse plans already constructed to meet similar needs even with modified preferences. The core of our proposed composition process is the matchmaking algorithm extended from that of [13].fr_FR
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dc.subjectWeb service compositionfr_FR
dc.subjectSemantic descriptionfr_FR
dc.subjectService matchingfr_FR
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dc.titleSemantic web service composition: Multi-level based approachfr_FR
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