Balancing the tradeoffs between scalability and availability in mobile ad hoc networks with a flat hashing-based location service

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In this paper, we propose FSLS (Flat-based Some-for-some Location Service), a new location service for ad hoc mobile networks. The location service is based on the hash-based sets system that can offer a high location information availability. The network area is divided into non-overlapping zones. A node identifier is mapped to a set of home zones, each of which contains a unique location server, which makes FSLS works as a some-for-some approach. Using cross-layer design, the service can tolerate server mobility and server failures, and last for a long time period. We analyze FSLS and six other existing location services. The theoretical analysis as well as simulation results show that FSLS offers a good trade-off between location availability and scalability. It comes second after a quorum-based location service in terms of location availability and it is the closest competitor to a hierarchical location service in terms of scalability.
Location service, Hash-based set, Availability; Reliability, Scalability