Morphological geodesic reconstruction in the extraction of the lesions in brain images

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Université Aboubekr Belkaïd –Tlemcen
In this paper, we present algorithms that permit to extract the lesions in brain images. The goal is to extract the abnormal zones with respect of theirs morphological haracteristics as: size, shape and position. Then, we present to the doctor a simple image of abnormal zone that is easy to analysis and correct to diagnosis. For it, we used an algorithm of edge detection based on morphological gradient for delimit this areas; moreover, we have used algorithm based on complex operator knowing by morphological geodesic reconstruction, it permits to extract the areas where the lesions exist. These algorithms are based on mathematical morphology operators. The results obtained are satisfactory; the edge detection respects the characteristics and the morphology of the sick part of the brain, whereas with the algorithm of segmentation in homogeneous areas, we could make the extraction of the sick part of the brain, with the respect of all characteristics in a reasonable time allowing to think of real-time operation.
Mathematical morphology, Geodesic reconstruction, Edge detection, Homogenous areas, Lesion, Medical image, Brain image