Characteristics and use of grey literature in scientific journals articles of Algerian researchers: Case study of University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene ( Physic, Chemistry and computer sciences)

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This paper examines grey literature in research articles of Algerian teachers-researchers across the STM( Physic, Chemistry & Computer science) sciences at Algerian University of Science and Technology “USTHB”. Each of these disciplines is respectively high ranked according to the report of Algerian general directorate of scientific research and technological development about Top emerged disciplines in Algeria. The purpose of the study is to reports the important and use of electronic resources particularly grey literature resources in their scientific journal papers and to identify the characteristics of these kinds of resources. The methodology is based on quantitative and qualitative components. The quantitative part of our sample consists of five articles per year for each discipline: physic, chemistry, computer science. 1028 references were examined; derived from 60 Algerian teachers- researchers articles journals published in international scientific journals and reflected in Scopus. The study attempts to provide insights into the characteristics of grey literature in a range of disciplines.
Grey Literature, Open Access, Algerian University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB), Algerians researchers, Algerians teachers, STM, Physic, Chemistry, Computer science