APPL: Anchor Path Planning based Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Mosharaka for Researches and Studies
In this paper, we study the static path planning problem with wireless sensor network localization as the primary objective. We consider a model in which sensors are assumed to be uniformly deployed to a predefined deployment area.We then deploy a mobile anchor to enable the localization of the sensor nodes. The anchor follows a predetermined static path while periodically broadcasting its current location coordinates to the nearby sensors.The static path planning problem looks for good paths that result in better localization accuracy and coverage of the sensor network while keeping the path length bounded. We propose three new path types, SQUARES, ARCHIMEDEAN SPIRAL and WAVES that are specifically designed to reduce the collinearity of anchor messages during localization. We compare our solution with existing ones (SCAN and HILBERT trajectories) using a very simple localization algorithm. The evaluation shows that our solutions cope with collinearity and path length in a more effective manner than previous solutions. Our solutions provide significantly better localization accuracy and coverage.
Localization, Sensor Networks, Mobile Anchor, Path Planning