Towards reading session-based indicators in educational reading analytics

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It is a challenging task to identify eLearning courses parts that have to be revised to best suit learners' requirements. Reading being one of the most salient learning activities, one way of doing so is to study how learners consume courses. We intend to support course authors (e.g. teachers) during courses revision by providing them with reading indicators. We use the concept of reading session to denote a learner's active reading period, and we provide several associated reading indicators. In our server-side approach, reading sessions and indicators are calculated using web server logs. We evaluate the relevance of our proposals using logs from a major French eLearning platform. Results are promising: calculated reading sessions are theoretically more precise than other best applicable approaches, and course authors consider suggested indicators to be appropriate to courses revision. Using reading sessions and associated indicators could facilitate authors' work of course reengineering.
Reading analytics, Reading monitoring, Reading indicators, Web log mining