A Semantic vector space and features-based approach for automatic information filtering

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With advances in communication technology, the amount of electronic information available to the users will become increasingly important. Users are facing increasing difficulties in searching and extracting relevant and useful information. Obviously, there is a strong demand for building automatic tools that capture, filter, control and disseminate the information that will most likely match a user's interest. In this paper we propose two kinds of knowledge to improve the efficiency of information filtering process. A features-based model for representing, evaluating and classifying texts. A semantic vector space to complement the features-based model on taking into account the semantic aspect. We used a neural network to model the user's interests (profiles) and a set of genetic algorithms for the learning process to improve filtering quality. To show the efficacy of such knowledge to deal with information filtering problem, particularly we present an intelligent and dynamic email filtering tool. It assists the user in managing, selecting, classifying and discarding non-desirable messages in a professional or non-professional context. The modular structure makes it portable and easy to adapt to other filtering applications such as the web browsing. We illustrate and discuss the system performance by experimental evaluation results
Information filtering, Neural network, Expert system, Machine learning, Email