Hypervideo and Annotations on the Web

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IEEE Computer Society Washington, DC, USA
Effective video-based Web information system deployment is still challenging, while the recent widespread of multimedia further raises the demand for new online audiovisual document edition and presentation alternatives. Hyper video, a specialization of hypermedia focusing on video, can be used on the Web to provide a basis for video-centric documents and to allow more elaborated practices of online video. In this paper, we propose an annotation-driven model to conceptualize hyper videos, promoting a clear separation between video content/metadata and their various potential presentations. Using the proposed model, features of hyper video are grafted to wider video-based Web documents in a Web standards-compliant manner. The annotation-driven hyper video model and its implementation offer a general framework to experiment with new interaction modalities for video-based knowledge communication on the Web.
Annotation, CHM, Hypervideo, Time and Synchronization, component-based modeling, Timeline Reference