IoT-DMCP: An IoT data management and control platform for smart cities

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SCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications
This paper presents a design and implementation of a data management platform to monitor and control smart objects in the Internet of Things (IoT). This is through IPv4/IPv6, and by combining IoT specific features and protocols such as CoAP, HTTP and WebSocket. The platform allows anomaly detection in IoT devices and real-time error reporting mechanisms. Moreover, the platform is designed as a standalone application, which targets at extending cloud connectivity to the edge of the network with fog computing. It extensively uses the features and entities provided by the Capillary Networks with a micro-services based architecture linked via a large set of REST APIs, which allows developing applications independently of the heterogeneous devices. The platform addresses the challenges in terms of connectivity, reliability, security and mobility of the Internet of Things through IPv6. The implementation of the platform is evaluated in a smart home scenario and tested via numeric results. The results show low latency, at the order of few ten of milliseconds, for building control over the implemented mobile application, which confirm realtime feature of the proposed solution.
IoT, Data Management, Big Data, Embedded System, Web/Mobile Application, Security, Micro-services