Electrical Energy Consumption Control in Buildings Using Wireless Sensor

dc.contributor.authorDjenouri, Djamel
dc.contributor.authorLaidi, Roufaida
dc.contributor.authorZizoua, Cherif
dc.description.abstractEnergy consumption in residential and commercial buildings has increased dramatically worldwide in the last decade, due to the constant population and economic growth, the proliferation of electronic and consumer appliances. This has dramatic footprint on the environment in terms of carbon emission, in addition to the economic impact. Green and smart building strategies will play a pivotal role to reduce this footprint and maximize economic and environmental performance. These strategies can be integrated into buildings at any stage, from design and construction, to maintenance and renovation. The use of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), notably IoT solutions, for building control is one of the promising strategies for the future. The aim of this project was to explore this domain, and as a first step to develop a wireless sensor networks based solution for monitoring and energy management in offices. A prototype has been targeted as a proof of concept where sensors monitor physical parameters in CERSIT offices (presence of people, ambient light, etc.), and accordingly actuate lighting, air conditioning, etc. This report is a short summery of the different parts developed in this project.fr_FR
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dc.subjectEnergy management systemfr_FR
dc.subjectSmart buildingsfr_FR
dc.titleElectrical Energy Consumption Control in Buildings Using Wireless Sensorfr_FR
dc.typeTechnical Report