Towards a Dynamic Evacuation System for Disaster Situations

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Medical evacuation is one of the most important modules in the emergency plans activated during disaster situations. It aims at evacuating victims to the most appropriate health-care facilities. Evacuation plans were for a long time performed approximatively and passively rather than optimally and proactively between the disposal site and the targeted hospital and they often lacked visibility on the evolution of the events that may change data and leading to a revision of the plans. However, thanks to the proliferation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in all aspects of life, the evacuation operations in disaster situations had known a great enhancement. In fact, critical operations such as real-time monitoring of the state of resources used during the evacuation process, detecting the occurring changes and reflecting them on the global process to provide dynamic and optimal evacuation plans become possible. In this paper, we propose a framework for dynamic evacuation operations in disaster situations. We design a system that takes into consideration the above challenges such as detecting changes and using them in an intelligent way to enable dynamic, optimal and up-to-date evacuation plans. The provided prototype is called DEvacuS (Dynamic Evacuation System).
Disaster situation, Emergency Evacuation plans, changes detection, DEvacuS