CSP-based adaptation of multimedia document composition

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Mohan S. Kankanhalli, Tao Li, Wei Wang
We propose an approach for the dynamic adaptation of multimedia documents modeled by an over-constrained constraint satisfaction problem (OCSP). In addition the solutions that it provides for the problem of determining the relations that do not comply with the user profile and the problem of the combinatorial explosion when searching for alternative relations, it insures a certain quality of service to the presentation of the adapted document: (i) If the required constraints are not satisfied, no document is generated, unlike other approaches that generates even if the presentation of the adapted document is completely different from the initial one, (ii) The definition of the constraints hierarchy (strong constraints and medium constraints) maintains as much as possible of the initial document relations in the adapted one. As result, the adapted presentations are consistent and close to those of the initial ones.
multimedia document, composition adaptation, Constraints satisfaction problem