Semantic Annotations and Context Reasoning to Enhance Knowledge Reuse in E-learning

dc.contributor.authorBoudebza, Souad
dc.contributor.authorAzouaou, Faiçal
dc.contributor.authorBerkani, Lamia
dc.contributor.authorNouali, Omar
dc.description.abstractWe address in this paper the need of improving knowledge reusability within online Communities of Practice of E-learning (CoPEs). Our approach is based on contextual semantic annotations. An ontological-based contextual semantic annotation model is presented. The model serves as the basis for implementing a context aware annotation system called “CoPEAnnot”. Ontological and rule-based context reasoning contribute to improving knowledge reuse by adapting CoPEAnnot’s search results, navigation and recommendation. The proposal has been experimented within a community of learners.fr_FR
dc.relation.ispartofCIIA 2013fr_FR
dc.relation.placeSaida Algeriafr_FR
dc.structureRecherche d'Informationfr_FR
dc.subjectcommunity of practice of e-learningfr_FR
dc.subjectknowledge reusefr_FR
dc.subjectsemantic annotationfr_FR
dc.titleSemantic Annotations and Context Reasoning to Enhance Knowledge Reuse in E-learningfr_FR
dc.typeConference paper