Solving the three dimensional quadratic assignment problem on a computational grid

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The exact resolution of large instances of combinatorial optimization problems, such as three dimensional quadratic assignment problem (Q3AP), is a real challenge for grid computing. Indeed, it is necessary to reconsider the resolution algorithms and take into account the characteristics of such environments, especially large scale and dynamic availability of resources, and their multi-domain administration. In this paper, we revisit the design and implementation of the branch and bound algorithm for solving large combinatorial optimization problems such as Q3AP on the computational grids. Such gridification is based on new ways to efficiently deal with some crucial issues, mainly dynamic adaptive load balancing and fault tolerance. Our new approach allowed the exact resolution on a nation-wide grid of a difficult Q3AP instance. To solve this instance, an average of 1,123 computing cores were used for less than 12 days with a peak of around 3,427 computing cores.
Distributed computing, Grid computing, Branch and bound, Three dimensional quadratic assignment problem