SMART: Secure Multi-pAths Routing for wireless sensor neTworks

dc.contributor.authorLasla, Noureddine
dc.contributor.authorDerhab, Abdelouahid
dc.contributor.authorOuadjaout, Abdelraouf
dc.contributor.authorBagaa, Miloud
dc.contributor.authorChallal, Yacine
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we propose a novel secure routing protocol named Secure Multi-pAths Routing for wireless sensor neTworks (SMART) as well as its underlying key management scheme named Extended Twohop Keys Establishment (ETKE). The proposed framework keeps consistent routing topology by protecting the hop count information from being forged. It also ensures a fast detection of inconsistent routing information without referring to the sink node. We analyze the security of the proposed scheme as well as its resilience probability against the forged hop count attack. We have demonstrated through simulations that SMART outperforms a comparative solution in literature, i.e., SeRINS, in terms of energy consumptionfr_FR
dc.relation.placeBenidorm, Spainfr_FR
dc.structureRéseaux de capteurs et Applicationsfr_FR
dc.subjectSecurity, WSN, Routingfr_FR
dc.titleSMART: Secure Multi-pAths Routing for wireless sensor neTworksfr_FR
dc.typeConference paper