Efficient QoS-aware Heterogeneous Architecture for Energy-Delay Constrained Connected Objects

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Connected objects such as smart phones and wireless sensors becomes very attractive for our assisted daily life applications, because it offers continuous monitoring capability of both personal and environmental parameters. However, these systems still face a major energy issue that prevent their wide adoption. Indeed, continuous sampling and communication tasks quickly deplete sensors and gateways battery reserves, and frequent battery replacement are not convenient. One solution to address such a challenge consists in minimizing the activation of radio interfaces and switching between them in order to achieve very low duty-cycle. In this paper, we propose a new efficient communication architecture for patient supervision in the context of healthcare application making use of dual radio. At runtime, our solution determines the optimal interval parameters of switching on/off each radio interfaces in order to minimize the energy consumption of both sensors and mobile phones while satisfying the QoS requirements. The proposed solution is adequately analyzed and numerically compared against a solution without QoS. The results show that our proposed architecture exhibits better duty-cycle reduction while satisfying the delay constraints.
Connected Objects, Wireless Sensor Networks, Heterogeneous Architecture, Energy-Efficiency, End-to-End Delay