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SNDL: Système National de Documentation en Ligne 195
Smart Mobility in Smart Cities: Emerging challenges, recent advances and future directions 176
Side Channel Attack using Machine Learning 127
Distributed Partial Simulation for Graph Pattern Matching 97
Lifetime-Aware Backpressure : A New Delay-Enhanced Backpressure-Based Routing Protocol 84
ArA*summarizer: An Arabic text summarization system based on subtopic segmentation and using an A* algorithm for reduction 82
Graph Edit Distance Compacted Search Tree 69
آليات ردع السرقات العلمية في البحوث الاجتماعية: البوابة الوطنية للإشعار عن الأطروحات نموذجا 66
Security Issues of Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Networks 65
المعلومات العلمية والتقنية 59