Face and kinship image based on combination descriptors-DIEDA for large scale features

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In this paper, we introduce an efficient linear similarity learning system for face verification. Humans can easily recognize each other by their faces and since the features of the face are unobtrusive to the condition of illumination and varying expression, the face remains as an access of active recognition technique to the human. The verification refers to the task of teaching a machine to recognize a pair of match and non-match faces (kin or No-kin) based on features extracted from facial images and to determine the degree of this similarity. There are real problems when the discriminative features are used in traditional kernel verification systems, such as concentration on the local information zones, containing enough noise in non-facing and redundant information in zones overlapping in certain blocks, manual adjustment of parameters and dimensions high vectors. To solve the above problems, a new method of robust face verification with combining with a large scales local features based on Discriminative-Information based on Exponential Discriminant Analysis (DIEDA). The projected histograms for each zone are scored using the discriminative metric learning. Finally, the different region scores corresponding to different descriptors at various scales are fused using Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier. Compared with other relevant state-of-the-art work, this system improves the efficiency of learning while controlling the effectiveness. The experimental results proved that both of these two initializations are efficient and outperform performance of the other state-of-the-art techniques.
Face, Face recognition, Feature extraction, Histograms, Dimensionality reduction, Covariance matrices, Null space