Networked Wireless Sensors, Active RFID, and Handheld Devices for Modern Car Park Management: WSN, RFID, and Mob Devs for Car Park Management

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IGI Global
Networked wireless sensors, actuators, RFID, and mobile computing technologies are explored in this paper on the quest for modern car park management systems with sophisticated services over the emerging internet of things (IoT), where things such as ubiquitous handheld computers, smart ubiquitous sensors, RFID readers and tags are expected to be interconnected to virtually form networks that enable a variety of services. After an overview of the literature, the authors propose a scalable and lowcost car parking framework (CPF) based on the integration of aforementioned technologies. A preliminary prototype implementation has been performed, as well as experimentation of some modules of the proposed CPF. The results demonstrate proof of concept, and particularly reveal that the proposed approach for WSN deployment considerably reduces the cost and energy consumption compared to existing solutions.
Mobile Applications, Mobile Computing, RFID, Smart Cities, Smart Parking, Wireless Sensor, Networks