Duo-MAC: Energy and Time Constrained Data Delivery MAC Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

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We present Duo-MAC, an asynchronous cascading wake-up scheduled MAC protocol for heterogeneous traffic forwarding in low-power wireless networks. Duo-MAC deals with energy-delay minimization problem and copes with transmission latency encountered by Today’s duty-cycled protocols when forwarding heterogeneous traffic types. It switches, according to the energy and delay requirements, between Low Duty cycle (LDC) and High Duty Cycle (HDC) operating modes, and it quietly adjusts the wake-up schedule of a node according to (i) its parent’s wake-up time and (ii) its estimated load, using an effective real-time signal processing linear traffic estimator. As a second contribution, Duo-MAC, proposes a service differentiation through an improved contention window adaptation algorithm to meet delay requirements of heterogeneous traffic classes. Duo- MAC’s efficiency stems from balancing between the two traffic award operation modes. Implementation and experimentation of Duo-MAC on a MicaZ mote platform reveals that the protocol outperforms other state-of-the-art MAC protocols from the energy-delay minimization perspective.
Wireless Sensor Networks, MAC, Asynchronous Protocols, Real Time, Qos, Delay